Hypnobirthing Course Explained

Hypnobirthing using the easibirthing® method is available in Kidderminster and the local area on a one-to-one basis with a qualified hypnotherapist.

The easibirthing course gives you time to reflect on your feelings about becoming a parent to your new baby. Everyone has some doubts and the course aims to eliminate most worries whilst managing others. The focus is on empowering you both to have a positive childbirth experience.

The course will be moulded to suit your own individual needs but the five hours will cover several basic areas.

  • Relaxation and breathing before, during and after labour
  • Anxiety management
  • Removing your fears about child birth
  • Understanding the importance of a calm, confident state of mind
  • Managing discomfort in stage 1 labour with visualisation and breathing
  • Visualisation and breathing techniques for transition and birthing your baby
  • Positive affirmations
  • Birth partners role
  • Self hypnosis for relaxation and discomfort management
  • Hypnosis to support breast feeding

The course includes 6 hypnosis recordings which can be provided in mp3 format or on cd. Every week has a number of reminder information sheets. There is no "easibirthing book" as we believe that discussing, experiencing and practising the techniques is far more beneficial for most couples. 

For more information please do contact me.